Ping An Bank (000001) Performance Review: Retail Transformation Achieves Continued Focus on Asset Quality and Profitability The 2018 results are in line with expectations for the 2018 results announced by Ping An Bank, which are basically consistent with the rankings: operating income of US $ 116.7 billion, an increase ofContinue Reading

Zijin Mining (601899) Interim Review: The decline in gross profit margin affects the international expansion of profits Net profit attributable to mother 18.5.3 billion, down 26 annually.64% of the companies released their 19-year interim report on August 29: 2019H1 achieved operating income of 671.98 ppm, an increase of 34 inContinue Reading

Hangfa Power (600893) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: Expenses Impact Profit Release During Strong Southern Growth The company released its 2019 Interim Report: The company achieved operating income of 88.24 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.15%; realized operating profit 4.08 thousand yuan, a decrease of 6 a year.24%; net profit attributableContinue Reading

Xinhecheng (002001) In-depth Report: High-quality Fine Chemical Synthesis Leader Xinhecheng is one of the leading companies in the conventional fine chemical industry. The company started from pharmaceutical intermediates and successfully expanded its business into vitamins, flavors and 杭州桑拿网 fragrances, new materials, and methionine. The company currently ranks among the world’sContinue Reading

Baofeng Energy (600989): Significant cost and location advantages of high-quality domestic coal chemical leader Baofeng Energy is a high-quality leader in domestic coal chemical industry. Baofeng Energy is mainly engaged in the production and sales of modern coal chemical products. The company’s main products are divided into three categories, namelyContinue Reading

China National Travel Service (601888) budget draft and investment plan comments: 2019 performance indicators under the background of solid tariffs and “defensive” 杭州桑拿网 highlights Event: The company announced its 2019 budget (budget), and it is expected to consolidate 431 in 2019. 14 billion / -8. 3%, combined operating costs ofContinue Reading