[Secret: cohabitation before marriage to try out women’s four natures]

[Secret: cohabitation before marriage to try out women’s “four natures”]

Many men and women in the city choose to live together before marriage.

It is not easy for two people from different families to adapt to the same environment.

Many superficial relationships do not really understand the nature of the inside.

Cohabitation takes too long, and the goal of living together is too obvious.

Cohabitation before marriage can also polish a woman’s true disposition.

For example-a self-care ability cannot live together, it is difficult to know the woman’s self-care ability.

I ‘m usually outside, how I look and how bright.

But when I get home, is it messy or organized?

She is a cohabiting girlfriend now and will be a homeowner in the future.

And usually think that men dominate women outside masters.

As the head of the family, men are exhausted working hard.

You have to go home and deal with your wife?

Don’t don’t do it.