_1 5 vegetable juices let you say goodbye to acne Here comes acne! The redness, swelling, and itching did not say for several days, and the acne marks left behind made the beauties even more disgusted. How to keep acne from harassing? I’m afraid it’s not enough just to doContinue Reading

Pediatric “eczema” to find the cause from diet Pediatric eczema is a common allergic disease. If someone in the family has an allergic disease such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis, the child is more likely to have eczema. About 30-50% of children with eczema also have asthma. Infant eczema, commonly knownContinue Reading

Essential equipment for outdoor activities In the field, everyone wants to be light-loaded, but the result of light-loading is likely to be “less hate when things are used.” What is really lacking in the wild, the consequences will be unimaginable.   A comfortable and durable rucksack is essential to carry yourContinue Reading

The best way to eat whole grains (1) The “grains” as they were called by the ancients were a general reference, and they did not mean five. Grain cereals are a “big family”, such as indica rice, indica rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, black beans, broad beans, red beans, mung beans,Continue Reading

Are you doing the right thing in your home refrigerator? Refrigerators are extremely common in household appliances, and almost every household has a refrigerator. But do you really use the right refrigerator? You know, there are many foods that cannot be stored in the refrigerator, and there are many precautionsContinue Reading

Make more beautiful without makeup The effect of applying fat powder is too short, and it is far less lasting than that of health care. First of all, it is necessary to adjust physiology to win the beauty of beauty. It can be seen that today’s work rhythm is extremelyContinue Reading

There are no cures for pregnancy After pregnancy, the vagina bleeds from time to time, or from time to time, if the amount is low without abdominal pain, it is called fetal leakage; if there is backache during pregnancy, abdominal pain or lower abdominal swelling or accompanied by a smallContinue Reading

Do n’t choose these types when you are serving wine. Drinking durian is like eating arsenic, sip of durian, and sip of durian. Don’t think it’s so refreshing, you might lose your life if you are not careful. How can this durian with wine become a life-threatening arsenic?   Because durianContinue Reading